Alert: Hazardous Tree Removal

After an inspection of the trees in Roosevelt Park last week by Emerald Tree Care, it was determined that several trees must be removed immediately for safety reasons, most particularly, the large elm just inside the fence at 80th Street and Columbus Avenue. The tree was found to have numerous widening cracks, dry rot, and hollows throughout the crown that make this tree structurally unsound. It already has a significant eastward lean towards the pathways and seating areas.

Due to these hazardous conditions, the tree must be removed as soon as possible. The area is currently cordoned off to prevent accidents, and the work will be performed on Wednesday, April 10th. Please note that this work will be paid for by the Parks Department, and is not connected in any way to the upcoming Museum work.

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American-Elm_removal_details-1 (1).jpg
Roosevelt Park