Margaret Mead Green

Roosevelt Park’s Margaret Mead Green was named for anthropologist Margaret Mead, who was born on December 16, 1901. The Margaret Mead Green is located next to Columbus Avenue, near 81st Street.

Margaret Mead’s Time in New York City

Margaret Mead graduated from New York’s Barnard College in 1923, where she earned a BA in psychology. She continued her studies in New York at Columbia University, where she received a PhD in anthropology. She later lived and worked on NYC’s Upper West Side.

Margaret Mead’s Importance to the American Museum of Natural History

Mead studied and wrote about adolescent girls in Coming of Age in Samoa, and younger children in Growing Up in New Guinea. The American Museum of Natural History has many exhibits based on Mead’s work. She later worked at the museum as a research fellow and curator of ethnology. The museum holds the Margaret Mead Film Festival annually.

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