GreenLife Interns

GreenLife interns help keep our park beautiful


Interns raking leavesGardening in the rain

GreenLife Interns braved the cold and drizzle last Saturday to rake, bag and store hundreds of pounds of dried leaves from the 14 lawns and 37 gardens in Theodore Roosevelt Park.

GreenLife Interns have been a familiar sight at Theodore Roosevelt Park for years. These young men and women work tirelessly to ensure the lawns and gardens are kept weed-free and beautiful throughout the year.

Learning job skills

This strenuous labor benefits both park patrons and the interns, who learn valuable skills that can help them in their future careers. GreenLife Interns learn the fundamentals of horticulture: plant identification and planting skills. They also gain experience in working for an employer and being part of a team of coworkers, and they learn the importance of arriving to work on time and acting professionally.