Hellebores are here!

Hellebores in Roosevelt Park

Hellebores are Here!

Hellebores (Helleborrus sp.) produce the earliest flower blooms in Theodore Roosevelt Park. Rose-like flowers, with five petal-like sepals, bloom in March and continue blooming until May. The garden beds fronting the Hayden Planetarium include a variety of colorful Hellebores, whose flowers can be shades of green, yellow, white, and purple.

Immigrants from Europe and Asia

Native to mountainous regions of Europe and western Asia, Hellebores are low-clumping, spreading, evergreen perennials that prefer partial to full shade in fertile, well-drained soils, such as those in Roosevelt Park.

Healthy, hardy plants

Hellebores are disease-resistant and the foliage remains attractive throughout the year. Hellebores are hardy and most species will grow well in USDA hardiness zones 4-9 (New York City is in hardiness zone 7b).