Sep 132017

Liriope, also called blue lily turf, is a tuberous-rooted, clumping, herbaceous perennial, currently in full bloom in Theodore Roosevelt Park.

Covering Theodore Roosevelt Park with color

We plant liriope throughout the park as a border plant and ground cover. Its beautiful lavender flowers rise above dark green arching leaves that grow to about 12” tall.

Foliage in winter

Liriope is one of the most durable plants in Roosevelt Park. It is tolerant of heat, humidity, drought and cold, and it grows well in lighting ranging from full sun to nearly full shade.The vibrant foliage remains attractive throughout spring, summer and fall, and partially into the winter.

What do birds eat on the Upper West Side?

One answer is liriope berries. The flowers develop into berries in late autumn that persist into the winter and feed Roosevelt Park’s birds.






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Jul 282017

Big and beautiful

Red lily

Oriental lilies have massive, trumpet-shaped blossoms, up to five inches in diameter, growing on tall, graceful stems. These plants can be top-heavy, so they need support. We plant lilies among Knock-out roses; the lilies grow through the rose stems and do not require staking.

Adding color to the park

Blooming from mid-summer to early fall, blossoms come in orange, peach, purple, yellow, pink and white.




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Jul 112017

What summer flowers can you see in Roosevelt Park?

Violet Lily

Purple Hydrangea

Have you noticed the multitude of flowering cultivars currently in bloom in our gardens?   The park’s colorful summer bloom surpasses spring’s display.

Astilbe, lily, hydrangea, blue nepeta, roses

If you live or work on the Upper West Side, enjoy the colors in your backyard. Red, pink and purple astilbe; orange, red, peach and yellow lily; green, white, pink, violet and indigo hydrangea; blue nepeta; and red, yellow, red and pink roses are all blooming in Theodore Roosevelt Park this summer.



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