Jul 202016
mann on Nobel monumentRoald Hoffman was born on July 21, 1937. He is one of the Nobel Prize winners whose name appears on the Nobel monument in Roosevelt Park.

Time in New York City

Hoffmann was born in Poland. After surviving the Holocaust, he moved with his mother to New York City. He studied at P.S. 93 and P.S. 16 in Brooklyn, and he graduated from Stuyvesant High School and Columbia University.

Chemistry and Poetry

Hoffmann received a PhD in chemistry from Harvard in 1962, and he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1981, sharing the prize with Kenichi Fukui.

He taught chemistry at Cornell, wrote books and scientific papers, and participated in a television series, “The World of Chemistry.” Hoffmann published his first poem in 1984. He later published six collections of poetry, “The Metamict State,” and “Gaps and Verges,” “Memory Effects,” “Solition,” “Catalista: Poemas Escogidos,” and “Roald Hoffmann Izbrannie Stichotvorenia.”


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Nov 112014

Roosevelt Park is right at the beginning of the route for Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade!

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