Oct 302017

Dickinson Richards on Nobel MonumentNobel Laureate Dickinson Woodruff Richards

Dickinson W. Richards was born on this day in 1895. He is one of the Nobel Prize winners honored on the Nobel monument in Roosevelt Park.

Time in Manhattan

Richards attended medical school at Columbia University in the early 1920s, and became a doctor in 1923. He later worked at New York’s Presbyterian Hospital, Bellevue Hospital, and Columbia University.

We like to think he may have taken walks in Roosevelt Park, which was called Museum Park at that time.

Nobel Prize for Medicine

In 1956, Dickinson W. Richards shared the Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine with André Frédéric Cournand and Werner Forssmann. Their prize was for the development of a cardiac catheterization technique and research into a variety of cardiac conditions.

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Oct 272017

If you’re celebrating Halloween at The American Museum of Natural History, make sure you leave time to enjoy the fall foliage in Roosevelt Park on your way to the party.

Even if you’re not celebrating, check out the costumes of the participants as they pass through the park on the way to the museum!

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Oct 252017

Loriope Muscari Silver Sunproof 533 x 300

Why is Liriope Muscari also called Silvery Sunproof? The name comes from the light yellow stripes on the leaves, and the fact that the plant can tolerate full sun, although it does better with partial shade. Liriope Muscari also features bluish purple flowers in the summer and fall.

Silvery Sunproof is a hardy plant that can tolerate dry conditions and cold weather. Other names for this plant include Lilyturf and Monkey Grass. It’s used in Roosevelt Park mainly as a groundcover edge.

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Oct 232017

IMG_1542 Dragon wing begonia newsDragon WingTM begonia blooms from late spring through early fall. It does best in temperatures above 40 degrees.

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Oct 132017

Four months after their first time volunteering with us, Sigma Delta Tau sorority sisters again spent a day volunteering in Roosevelt Park.

Four new gardens for Theodore Roosevelt Parknew garden

These magnificent women weeded between cobblestones, raked up and bagged dried leaves, prepared soil beds, and planted perennial and flower bulbs. They created four gardens between Bull Moose Dog Run and Columbus Avenue.

Planting perennials and flower bulbs

Our volunteers planted hundreds of perennials: hellebore, Japanese forest grass, corabelle, astilbe, hosta, anemone, fox glove, and red twig dogwood. They also planted thousands of flower bulbs: Spanish bluebells; miniature golden daffodils; tall white daffodils; fragrant paperwhites; winged snowdrops; purple alliums; and purple, red and golden tulips.

Visit us from March through October to see how much color these new gardens add to Roosevelt Park!


Sigma Delta Tau Volunteers



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