Purple Sensation Alliums

Allium in Roosevelt ParkPurple Sensation allium

Onions, shallots and garlic are all alliums, but not all members of the allium family are likely to be recipe ingredients. There are more than 700 varieties of allium, and some are quite beautiful. The Purple Sensation is named after its purple globes of flowers. This variety usually grows to be 24 to 30 inches tall.

Few animals like raw onions

Because they all have a sharp taste like onions, alliums are not usually eaten by rodents or deer. Alliums do well in full sunlight, but they can tolerate shade. They don’t need a lot of water, and they do best in well-drained soil.

Plant alliums in the fall and enjoy them for years

Allium bulbs are planted in the fall so they have time to grow roots in temperatures that are cool, but not freezing. They usually bloom in late spring to early summer. They are long-lived perennials, and some alliums can reappear annually for more than a decade.