Oct 262015

IMG_1542 Dragon wing begonia newsDragon Wing(TM) begonia blooms from late spring through early fall. It does best in temperatures above 40 degrees.

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Oct 152015

Loriope Muscari Silver Sunproof 533 x 300

Why is Liriope Muscari also called Silvery Sunproof? The name comes from the light yellow stripes on the leaves, and the fact that the plant can tolerate full sun, although it does better with partial shade. Liriope Muscari also features bluish purple flowers in the summer and fall.

Silvery Sunproof is a hardy plant that can tolerate dry conditions and cold weather. Other names for this plant include Lilyturf and Monkey Grass. It’s used in Roosevelt Park mainly as a groundcover edge.

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Oct 052015

Sedum 400 x  249Sedum blooms in the late summer and fall with pink, star-shaped flowers.

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